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4 Ways to Thank Moms This Year

mothersdayEach year, on the second weekend in May, we take a day to remember our moms. Since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, there is always pressure to incorporate thanking moms into your service. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to tell moms “thank you” for their hard work (certainly a lot easier than everything they do for us). Here are 4 easy ways to thank moms at your church this year.


Standing Ovation

Here’s a new take on the traditional Mother’s Day service act of having every mother stand. This year, why not have the rest of the congregation stand and give moms a standing ovation? It will give moms a chance to be recognized for everything they do, while not be singled out in front of the church.

Note: Sometimes churches attempt to recognize the newest mother or mother of the most children during the service. While some moms may be okay with being recognized individually, most seem to be more comfortable being recognized as a group during church services.


A Sweet Treat

While some churches choose to give a gift to each mother during the service, many moms prefer a gift straight from their kids. A sweet way to thank moms in your church is pass each child a flower or tin of chocolate to give to their mom after church. Your kids service can focus on the importance of moms and give the kids an easy way to thank her! If you need more kids ministry Mother’s Day ideas, be sure to check out this brand new curriculum by Playback Media!


Themed Service Media

Another great way to incorporate the celebration into your service is by using themed media.  There are many inexpensive collections that include countdowns, motion backgrounds and still backgrounds that you can use for announcements, worship, and sermon slides to thank moms. Here are just a few:





Mother’s Day Videos

One easy way to recognize mothers in your service is to use a Mother’s Day Video. There are many types of videos to choose from – here are some of my favorites.


Motherhood by Skit Guys Studios, shows what it means to be a mother in a silly and sweet story of a family.


In Her Steps is a simple, but touching video that follows the steps through a child’s life.


Titles of a Mother says “thank you” to moms through a diverse group of grandmothers, mothers, and children.

These a just a few of the outstanding Mother’s Day videos. Many producers put out some of their best work for this holiday, so I’d encourage you to check out the bestsellers on WorshipHouse to find one that best fits your church service. Many of them are also available in Spanish!


Lean Forward

There are a lot of times in life where we sit back and observe other people’s lives and make judgments based on the perspective we have. Why did she do that? Why doesn’t he do this? More often than not, our view of the situation is only a partial view. Sure, we may have “heard the story” from one of the people involved, but that’s just it, only one of the people involved. As they say, every story has two sides.
For some reason we find it very easy to jump in on other people’s lives and pass judgment, offer unsolicited advice, etc. BUT, we almost always hate when they do it to us.
Why are we prone to picking other people apart? Even worse, why do we so often do it behind their backs? It’s not constructive. It’s not healthy. And it’s not helping anyone.
Before you get concerned I’m saying this to you and not myself also, relax, I’ve been that jerk. All of the insecurities that bubble up in me from time to time, have made me look for the shortcomings in others to elude the judgment myself. Totally immature and unproductive.
Can you imagine if our position in life went from “sit back and judge (or gossip)” to “lean forward and encourage (speak life)”…what would our relationships look like? What if your goal was to build up coworkers instead of tearing them down with attitudes, accusations, etc? What if their stance towards you reflected those same “life giving” attributes. Can you imagine how much productivity in your office (or church, or sports team, etc) would go up with everyone looking for the best in each other versus picking out the worse? Encouraging the strengths in each other instead of amplifying the weaknesses.
Sure, it sounds utopian to believe we could all just flip the metaphorical switch and turn off the inherent human nature to judge and gossip, but we have to start somewhere. We seem to be getting more and more cynical as a society. When will enough be enough? When will we raise the standard back to a place of dignity and valuing others for who they are?
I want to challenge you to do this. Lean forward. Engage a stance of speaking life. I promise you, if you will begin to live out this principle on a daily basis, at work, home, church, wherever, your environment will change. You have the ability to inject life into situations and circumstances that no one else can. Don’t wait for someone else to take the high road. You map out the course for them to follow.

ProPresenter Tips: Unlocking, Registering, and Setting Up ProPresenter 5

Getting started with ProPresenter 5 is easy and with this guide you can get set up quickly in just a few steps!

Step One: Buy ProPresenter

You can easily buy ProPresenter 5 by going to WorshipHouse Media, adding the correct version to your cart and checking out. A single use license allows you to use ProPresenter on one computer at a time. If you want to run multiple instances of ProPresenter (i.e. One in the main service, one in the kid’s service) then you’ll want to purchase the Site License!

Step Two: Download ProPresenter

After your purchase, you’ll be presented with a popup box to download the software. If you don’t see it, login to and click on the “My Media” button at the top right of your screen (see screenshot below). After downloading, install the program by double clicking the program and follow the installation instructions.


Step Three: Unlock

Check your email! By this point you should have received an Unlock Code from WorshipHouse Media. If you don’t see it, please check your spam filter or contact us! Once you have your unlock code through email, click on the link to the Renewed Vision website and register your program by first entering your unlock code into the Activation Code field and then hitting submit.

Step Four: Registration Code

After registering your product you’ll be presented with a registration code to enter into your ProPresenter software. First Launch ProPresenter that you downloaded and installed in Step Two. Next, enter the unlock code and registration code into the popup box that looks like this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.12.51 PM

If you don’t see a popup box, click on ProPresenter at the top left and choose Registration. This should pop up the box like below.


Step Five: Make Awesome Presentations

You are now registered and ready to make some awesome presentations in a professional way for your church, company, or organization!

Got questions before you buy?

Contact us at If you need additional support after you have registered and correctly installed your ProPresenter, contact Renewed Vision at

Don’t forget! When you buy ProPresenter from WorshipHouse Media, they’ll give you $600 of FREE media to go along with it!


Free ebook on WorshipHouse Media

On top of their monthly free download, our friends at WorshipHouse Media are offering a new, special freebie: an ebook! Titled “7 Things you Must do to Make Your Service Meaningful,” this quick guide gives tips on how to pack your services full of all the things that will broaden the worship experience. Drawing on their background working with thousands of pastors and church leaders, WorshipHouse Media has experience with all types of churches, and they’ve kindly compiled several tips they’ve observed.

My personal favorite is number 5, which discusses the importance of visuals in a service. Since I’ve always been involved with my church media team, visuals can really help or distract me during a service. The guide offers any an easy, inexpensive way to improve your church’s visuals to help your members have a meaningful experience with God.

Decide your favorite tip and make your next service more meaningful by downloading the guide today!


Are You Ready for Mobileggedon?


Google has been making big news recently in the web and digital marketing world due to its recent announcement about an update to its search engine set for April 21st. The search engine giant’s announcement indicates that mobile friendliness will become a new ranking signal in its search algorithm. In layman’s terms, following this update, websites that are mobile-friendly will have better rankings in search results than those that are not so friendly.

In your day-to-day work in ministry, this may not seem like a significant piece of news. But, it is important to your church for one reason:

Your church website is an essential outreach tool!

So many people are searching online for all kinds of needs, including searching for a church. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will be harder for potential churchgoers to find your site on Google, and this outreach tool loses its effectiveness.

You may be asking a few questions about what this update is and what you should do as Mobileggedon approaches, so here are some details and ideas for you.

What does “Mobile-Friendly” mean?

Google identifies a mobile-friendly site as one that displays well on phones and tablets. Specifically, they are looking for sites that have text large enough to read on a mobile phone’s screen and links that are large and far enough apart to click with a thumb.

How do I know if my site is Mobile-Friendly?

The best way to start researching your site’s mobile-friendliness is to browse it on your own phone. Do you have to zoom in on any pages to make the text readable? Do you have trouble clicking links? If so, consider making some adjustments to create larger elements.

Another resource is Google’s Mobile-Friendly test. Submit your site’s url at this page and Google will tell you if you’re all set or give you suggestions to improve your site for mobile users.

What do I need to do to make my site Mobile-Friendly?

The good news is many church website providers, like Clover or SiteOrganic, as well as many WordPress themes, currently offer mobile site designs, so you may be ready for Google’s update now.

If you’re on a platform that doesn’t offer a mobile option, or if you have a custom built site, start making a plan today to update your site to be mobile friendly. Or consider changing to one of the previously mentioned mobile site options. This may include creating a separate mobile site (i.e. or even a responsive design site (find more details about the options in this great article). But either way, get a plan now so you can rebound in search results quickly.

My church has a mobile app, so do I really need to care about Mobileggedon?

Yes! You may have an amazing app, and I recommend apps as a great tool for your existing churchgoers. But, you want to assure that your website can be found by future churchgoers, and a great way to do that is to be found in Google search results.

So, are you ready for the upcoming Google update?


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