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Rising Sun

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Harness Your Brand


Good news, I’ve been approved as a Church Planter with the Evangelical Covenant Church.  I’m so excited about the future of creating a space for people to be known and loved, a place where people have a seat at the table regardless of who they are, or where they’ve been.  Someone asked me the other day, after finishing seminary and being approved as a church planter, “are you super idealistic now?”  I simply answered, “yes.”  I am idealistic—I really believe that God wants to do BIG things through the church.  I really believe that the church can harness all of its gifts, talents and resources to see a tremendous change in our world. This is why I’ve been called to plant here in Richmond, VA.  This is also why it’s incredibly important to harness your voice and brand because it–quite literally–expands your reach.

Part of the process of planting, as some of you may know, is coming up with an identity.  While this may seem like an easy task, let me tell you—it’s not.  There is so much you have to think about, the voice of the church, the logo, the typeface (font), the color schematics, website, church décor, handouts, templates, so on and so forth.  It can be a whirlwind and a headache for one person to attempt to navigate.  It’s incredibly important, to think about identity and branding.  I realize that this brand is going to carry with the church I’ve been called to plant for years to come.  Further, note, branding communicates the vision of the church.  Churches and leaders should carefully determine the mission and craft branding accordingly.  I’ve been gathering proposals from a few different branding companies, so I figured I’d give a few tips to help you with branding. I hope this is helpful for those of you rebranding your organization or if you’re starting a new church.

  1. Mission

I sound like a broken record because I feel like I’m always talking about vision and mission in my previous blog posts.  It is important to over clarify that this is step one in the process of branding, or any movement in a church.  Your brand identity should reflect your mission and values.  If you want to reach predominantly “unchurched” or “de-churched” people you may not want to have a brand identity that is overly Christianese. So be aware of the goals of your organization and how you want to change lives. Filter every single proposal through the mission statement and if it doesn’t match up, go back to the drawing board.

  1. Demographic

Have an idea of whom you want to reach with this rebrand or your new brand strategy.  Thinking through your audience will help your team or those you hire to solidify your brand come up with a clear and concise voice.  Sit down and think to yourself, “what is the goal of my church; who am I speaking to?” If you’re hoping to have a multi-cultural church, your brand should incorporate a multi-cultural vibe.  If you’re predominantly in an affluent neighborhood, your brand should reflect that.

  1. Hire

Hire the right people and consult with experts.  I’m going to be honest; it’s easy to cut corners on brand.  For example, you can hire someone to come up with a logo, but not pay for the typeface, color palette, environment, and website.   However, the reality is you’re not doing yourself–or the future of your church–any favors.  You will in essence be fragmenting your voice so much that it will become convoluted and more confusing than anything else will.  Hire a design firm that will handle all aspects of your brand.  If you’re a church plant, like I’m doing, and money is an issue—I would recommend doing a staged rollout.  We’re first hiring someone for the logo, typeface, voice, and color scheme and later we will be going to phase two and three which includes website, print collateral, and environment (décor).  Be strategic and be wise with your income.


Voice:   The expression of your church or organization’s brand through words and prose.

Typeface: The font or design of a particular type.  This will be the font you will pick to use in all print and digital media.

Logo: A symbol or design that will be adopted by the organization as a standard. The logo will bring awareness in lieu of, or along side of, the name of the church or organization.

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Are You Ready to Find Your Next Job?

In a job search, it is important for you to know what kind of career opportunity you want. However, it is just as essential that you target what the employer wants in a potential employee. The same goes in ministry. It is important for you to know what God has called you to do and where you are gifted, however it’s also important to think about what churches and pastors are looking for in a candidate.

Here are ways to focus on the key qualities that churches and employers alike are looking for in candidates:


Before a church will invest a lot of time in a candidate, they first want to determine if the candidate can even do the job. Hiring pastors often receive resumes from unqualified candidates, so they first establish a candidate’s skill level and ministry experience based on their resume. Pay close attention to the requirements set in the job description to ensure that you are qualified and make that clear in your resume.


We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box.” Churches and pastors are looking for candidates who think outside the box and can take their ministry to the next level. Show that you are capable of taking initiative and show examples where you have. What made you different in your time in previous ministry positions? Give examples of your achievements. Tell what you accomplished personally, in ministry, on a team, and how you have helped your previous churches (employers).


Leadership skills are not reserved only for management or corporate America. No matter what level you are at in your ministry or career, you can be a leader. During the interview process be sure to explain a time when you stepped up and became a leader.

Ministry Growth

Pastors are looking for church staff that are self-sufficient and ready to go the extra mile and continue growing. In explaining your work and ministry history, exhibit your ability to be independent, adapt to different situations and even take on additional responsibilities. How did you help your previous or current ministry grow? Did you start any new initiatives or ministry teams? Did you train volunteers and lay ministry leaders on your team? What differences did you make to signify growth?


When selecting a candidate for a position, pastors will often factor in personality and how the candidate will fit in with the church and office culture. While you cannot fully know if your personality will fit any particular job, the best bet it to be yourself. You can do some research on the church and get a feel for their culture to get an idea if the position and culture is a good fit for you.

Team Player

No job is self-sufficient; you will always need to work with other people, especially in ministry. Explain your ability to be a team player. It can also help to demonstrate your gratitude for the contributions others have made to your previous team experiences.

Searching for a new ministry position can be tough. We hope with these tips will help you stand out among others when applying for a new ministry position.

For more job search and career tips and ministry job openings you may be interested in, check out

The Playlist: Kids’ Worship

Picture this: you’re a little kid, you’re in “big church” and the service seems forever long. Some of the songs are so slow that you crawl under the pew and fall asleep. You wake up after a few minutes and start making origami out of the bulletin and grab the pencils near the communion cup holders to scribble in the margins of This Week’s Announcements. It doesn’t have to be this way. Get more children out of the adult service and into your Kids Ministry where they can make friends. Teach them about God in a way they can understand. A time of upbeat, awesome fun that will definitely get kids excited and ready to come back next week! The Kids’ Worship edition of The Playlist is all about songs that get kids excited about church and learning about Jesus.

Check them out below!

imgres-1Hands in the Air
by Amber Sky Records
Christian Song Tracks / Worship Video
imgres-2Never Be Shaken
by New Life Worship Kids
Christian Song Tracks / Worship Video

If you are looking for more Kids Worship songs, video or audio tracks, then check out WorshipHouse Kids or the kids section of Christian Song Tracks!


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